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DirectLaw, Inc., a virtual law firm plaatform provider to solos and small law firms, is the sponsor of this Blog and provides financial support to make it possible. Richard Granat is the Founder and CEO of DirectLaw, Inc., and its parent company SmartLegalForms, Inc.,  a leading web-based legal forms and legal solutions provider to consumers and small business directly. The opinions expressed here are his own, rather than the companies he is affiliated with, but there is bound to some overlap of self-interest, that the reader should take into account in reading these blog entries.

Here is a commercial for the services of the DirectLaw, Inc., which sponsors this blog and is full disclosure about my relationships.

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Our specialty is providing web-enabled, automated legal forms  to consumers and small business in such areas as divorce, name change, child support, wills, living trusts and asset protection documents, landlord-tenant matters, business formation, human resource matters, copyright and trademark, and the protection of intellectual property. DirectLaw is powered by Rapidocs a leading web-enabled document automation solution developed by Epoq in the the United Kingdom.

DirectLaw™ is a hosted web service. It does not require any programming and comes ready with a basic library of 300 state-specific automated legal forms with the flexibility to add custom forms. The DirectLaw solution seamlessly integrates with your law firm’s existing web site and can be up and running within a day.

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