UnBundled Legal Services

“Unbundled Legal Services” is one way for solos and small law firms to tap into a latent market for legal services and to monetize unbilled hours. One of the barriers to implementation for law firms is knowing how to integrate this business model into their traditional practice.  To increase awareness of this concept and to provide tools and techniques to enable lawyers to offer unbundled legal services to their clients, the ABA Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services is teaming with the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System to produce a conference on Unbundled Legal Services at the University of Denver on October 26 – 27.

Over the past several years, state and national reports on narrowing the justice gap and improving access to affordable legal services have advocated an expanded use of unbundling, where lawyers partner with their clients to divide the tasks to accomplish a legal solution. Research indicates there is a consumer demand for this type of service, lawyers can expand their client base and courts are able to have better prepared pro se litigants. We are near the tipping point and hope the conference will create an environment for the expansion of this model.

The Conference, entitled “Better Access through Unbundling: From ideation to implementation,” will assemble national experts and state leaders in an effort to advance the creation of strategic plans to broaden limited scope representation throughout the states. Topics will cover

  • Research on what we know about unbundling, including very recent data on the perspectives of practitioners,
  • Outreach efforts, best practices and collaborations;
  • The practitioner’s perspective;
  • The role of technology in unbundling; and
  • The need for policy and rule changes that enable lawyers to expand access.

Details about the conference and registration information are at http://iaals.du.edu/honoring-families/events/better-access-through-unbundling