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Is Legal Software Conduct? True or False?

Posted in Competition, Document Automation, Expert Systems, LegalZoom, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
On August 2, 2011, Federal District Judge Nanette K. Laughrey, for the Western District of Missouri, the Judge presiding over the class action case against LegalZoom for unauthorized practice of law, released an opinion denying, in part, Defendant’s Motion of Summary Judgment. The Court held that document preparation by non-lawyers, under Missouri Law, is conduct,… Continue Reading

Is LegalZoom Just a Self-Help Legal Software Company?

Posted in Competition, Document Automation, eLawyering Ethical Issues, Expert Systems, LegalZoom, Self-Help Law, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
In a Fortune Magazine blog post by Roger Parloff just last week, entitled Can Software Practice Law?, writing about the class action suit against LegalZoom in Missouri for violating Missouri’s UPL statute, Parloff argues that LegalZoom is no more than a self-help legal software company, and therefore entitled to the same protections as a self-help legal software… Continue Reading

LegalZoom is Considering an IPO

Posted in Competition, eLawyering Ethical Issues, LegalZoom, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Unbundled Legal Services, Venture Capital
Apparently LegalZoom is in the early stages of planning an IPO, (going public),  according to an unnamed source at VentureBeat. Employing more that 500 employees, and having raised over $45 million in venture capital over the last few years, LegalZoom is clearly the leading non-lawyer legal document preparation web site. This is a good example… Continue Reading

Venture Capital Flowing Into Legal Enterprises: Total Attorneys Receives Infusion of Capital

Posted in Competition, Law Firm Productivity, LegalZoom, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Outsourcing, Venture Capital, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
Private capital is beginning to flow into companies that are operating at the intersection of the delivery of legal services and the Internet. Total Attorneys, a Chicago-based company,  just announced that they received a multimillion dollar investment from BIA Digital Partners, a Virginia-based venture capital firm. Total Attorneys is most known for the marketing services… Continue Reading

Conn Bar Attacks Web-Based Legal Services

Posted in Competition, Legal Ethics, Unauthorized Practice of Law
Attorney Louis Pepe, a Connecticut attorney and Chair of a Connecticut Bar Task Force examining non–lawyer legal information web sites, believes that these web sites are breaking the law by providing legal services in a state in which they’re not licensed to practice, as reported in the Connecticut Law Tribune. There are differences between  legal… Continue Reading