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New Book on Limited Scope Legal Services from Stephanie Kimbro

Posted in LegalZoom, Limited Scope Legal Services, Unbundled Legal Services
Stephanie Kimbro, a virtual solo practitioner based in North Carolina and a member of the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force,  has authored a new book on Limited Scope Legal Services- Unbundling and the Self-Help Client, published by the Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association. The book is "must reading" for solo practitioners and lawyers… Continue Reading

The Law Wizard – from Great Britain

Posted in Document Automation, Pro Se, Public Sector eLawyering, Self-Help Law, Web Legal Advisors, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
I discovered an interesting web site called The Law Wizard,  still in beta, for pro se parties doing their own probate, in the United Kingdom.  The site promises to offer a unique package of online interactive tools, guides and videos. The Probate Wizard is initially designed for individuals who want to probate their own estates,… Continue Reading

Increase in Self-Help Divorce in Detroit; Calibre Law Offers Limited Legal Services for Divorcing Couples

Posted in Pro Se, Self-Help Law, Unbundled Legal Services
Detroit News just published an article on the decrease in divorces because of the recession – a national trend, and an increase in pro se divorces in Detroit, also a national trend. The article discussed the possibility that law firms could offer "unbundled legal services" as a way of reducing the cost of divorce, but… Continue Reading

The “Good Enough” Legal Solution

Posted in eLawyering Ethical Issues, LegalZoom, Pro Se, Unbundled Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice, Web Legal Advisors, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
There has been some recent blog comments [See: Carolyn Elefant ‘s Blog  [about  the meaning of Robert Capps article  in this month’s WIRED Magazine, (September 2009) about the concept of "Good Enough",  "Good Enough" solutions, (when cheap and simple is just fine). , and my quote about how this concept applies to the legal profession. When… Continue Reading

Automated Document Assembly as a Disruptive Legal Technology

Posted in Change, Click-And-Mortar, Competition, Document Automation, Expert Systems, LegalZoom, Self-Help Law, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
Richard Susskind, in his new book, The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services, devotes a chapter to disruptive legal technologies and identifies automated document assembly as a leading example. A related analysis can be found in a paper produced by Darryl Mountain, a Vancouver attorney, that is titled "Disrupting Conventional Law Firm Business… Continue Reading

LegalZoom.com Sued Over Trademark Filing Fees

Posted in eLawyering Ethical Issues, LegalZoom, Pro Se, Unauthorized Practice of Law
Apparently LegalZoom has been advertising to its customers that the trademark filing fee is $325.00, when it was actually $275.00,  an obvious misrepresentation. Apparently they have been doing this since 2005. This has resulted in a consumer class action suit to recover the $50.00 overcharge on behalf of all customers who have paid the higher… Continue Reading

First DirectLaw firm in Georgia

Posted in Click-And-Mortar, Document Automation, Law Firm Productivity, Unbundled Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
EssentiaLegal, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded by Robert Arrington, Latif Oduolo-Owoo, & Michael Mason, three alumni from large law firm practices in Atlanta, is a new style law firm, part virtual and part physical that is designed to serve the broad middle class with unbundled legal services. The physical office is located in a… Continue Reading