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LawPivot: Another Legal Advice Web Site

Posted in Change, eLawyering Ethical Issues, Free Law, Legal Fees, Legal Referral, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, UK Legal Reform, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Virtual Law Firms
Another interesting start-up has emerged out of Silicon Valley to provide crowdsourced legal advice to other start-ups for free. Vertical Q&A web sites seems to be the next new thing among venture capital investors. Even Facebook  rolled out this year a crowd-sourced Q&A service. LawPivot, a legal Q&A web site founded in 2009,  hopes to… Continue Reading

Free Version of DirectLaw Offer Expires 08/31/2010

Posted in DirectLaw Law Firms
During the summer we experimented with promoting a free Version of the DirectLaw virtual law firm platform, that includes all of the communications, collaboration, and ecommerce functions, but which excludes the document automation functions. The DirectLaw Free Version is not quite free, because we charge a $99.00 set-up fee to cover our costs for setting… Continue Reading