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What are Client-Centric Legal Services?

Posted in Document Automation, eLawyering Events, Law Firm Productivity, Limited Scope Legal Services
The American Bar Association Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services, with the ABA Legal Access Job Corps Task Force and the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) is convening a national conference in Denver, Colorado on August 14-15, 2015  titled: Client-Centric Legal Services: Getting From Here to There.  The… Continue Reading

FebArb: Innovation in ADR

Posted in Change
It’s no secret that the Federal court system is broken, Understaffed and overworked Federal U.S. District Court judges rarely hold trials any more – encouraging the parties to settle and keep their conflicts out of the Federal courts. Trials when required by the parties, take forever to be scheduled. Justice delayed, is no justice at… Continue Reading

New Center For Law Practice Technology

Posted in Legal Education
There has been much discussion lately on whether law schools are training lawyers for 21st century law practice. At the ABA Annual Meeting this week in San Francisco a Presidential Task Force on the Future of Legal Education is scheduled to report out its recommendations.. In my last blog post, I identified 13 law schools… Continue Reading

Is Axiom Law a Law Firm?

Posted in Legal Ethics, Outsourcing
Some colleagues asked me that other day if I knew whether Axiom is a law firm. I said I didn’t really know, so I decided to find out. There has been much buzz lately about AxiomLaw .  The company recently raised $28,000,000 in private equity funding, after an initial round of $5,000,000.  Axiom has recently launched… Continue Reading

LegalForce Store Offers Walk-in Lawyer Access in Palo Alto

Posted in Click-And-Mortar, Competition, Law Firm Productivity, Law Startups, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Outsourcing
Ray Abyhanker, the entrepreneur lawyer behind the Trademarkia web site,  the highest traffic legal sites on the Web, opened a kind of Apple Store for legal stuff and other stuff (self-help law books, non-Apple tablets, tablet accessories, etc), right across from the Apple Store on University Avenue in Palo Alto. [See previous post on this… Continue Reading

Best Practice Guidelines for Legal Document Service Providers

Posted in Document Automation, eLawyering Ethical Issues, eLawyering Events, Legal Ethics, LegalZoom, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
The American Bar Association’s eLawyering Task Force has compiled a draft set of best practice guidelines for legal document providers, which can be downloaded here*.   An increasingly popular – and controversial – category of service providers are those that supply customer-specific documents over the Internet, using interactive software and/or human resources, without purporting to be engaged in… Continue Reading

Does JustAnswer.com Provide Legal Advice Online? Is this Site Ethically Compliant?

Posted in Legal Advice Online, Legal Ethics, Legal Referral
Just Answer is a question and answer platform that provides answers to users questions for a flat fee of approximately $30.00 per question. It turns out that one of the fastest growing categories within JustAnswer is the answering of legal questions by lawyers.   Here are other the JustAnswer terms and conditions that apply to… Continue Reading

My Experience with LawPivot: An Online Legal Advice Service

Posted in Law Startups, Legal Advice Online, Legal Ethics, Legal Fees, Limited Scope Legal Services, Unauthorized Practice of Law
LawPivot, is a Silicon Valley legal industry start-up,  a new breed of online legal advice Web site that provides legal answers through a network of attorneys. Sometimes the legal advice or legal information is free like AVVO and LAWQA,  and sometimes you pay a fee, which LawPivot and JustAnswer require. See more:  American Bar Association Journal article on LawPivot.… Continue Reading

May the LegalForce Be With You!

Posted in Change, Law Startups, LegalZoom, Limited Scope Legal Services, Virtual Law Practice
 Here is a tale of an exceptional entrepreneur/solo lawyer who has built a thriving Internet-based law practice of large scale in less than seven years. Raj Abhyanker, 37,  started his law practice in Palo Alto in a small office above a rug store in 2005 (sounds like many Palo Alto start-ups like Apple and Google!).… Continue Reading

LegalZoom: The “Good Enough” Legal Solution

Posted in Document Automation, Legal Plans, LegalZoom, Limited Scope Legal Services, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Unbundled Legal Services, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
LegalZoom, the leading online provider of legal services to consumers and small business, as predicted here previously, finally filed for an IPO last week. The company is seeking to raise $120 million to expand their services both in the US and internationally. LegalZoom’s data in the S-1 filing is now available for everyone to analyze:… Continue Reading

New Book on Limited Scope Legal Services from Stephanie Kimbro

Posted in LegalZoom, Limited Scope Legal Services, Unbundled Legal Services
Stephanie Kimbro, a virtual solo practitioner based in North Carolina and a member of the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force,  has authored a new book on Limited Scope Legal Services- Unbundling and the Self-Help Client, published by the Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association. The book is "must reading" for solo practitioners and lawyers… Continue Reading

North Carolina Bar Regulates Legal Cloud Computing

Posted in Cloud Computing, Competition
A  proposed Ethics Opinion of the North Carolina Bar  that provides guidelines for attorneys using cloud computing services, commonly known as SaaS (Software as a Service),  contains language that is troubling because of its potential impact on solos and small law firm practitioners who are creating virtual law practices. The Bar is soliciting comments prior… Continue Reading

The Online Bar Association Meets 04/29-05/01 in Coral Gables, Fl

Posted in eLawyering Events, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
A new international bar association was formed last year, based in Miami, Florida, called the Online Bar Association. It is an eclectic group of attorneys some based in the United States and many based internationally, who have come together around a common interest – the online delivery of legal services. The first inaugural meeting is… Continue Reading

Future of Legal Education

Posted in Training and Education
Last week I was privileged to attend a Conference on the Future of Education, sponsored by New York Law School and Harvard Law School. This conference was the third in a series on this subject. The purpose of this conference is to initiate a conversation among and between law schools on how to make legal… Continue Reading

How safe and secure is your law practice environment?

Posted in Cloud Computing, Outsourcing
A new nonprofit organization has emerged to help lawyers assess the safety and security of their law practice environment. The organization is the International Legal Technology Standards Organization and it recently released a set of standards that law firms can used to evaluate: the law firm’s internal security standards; and help law firm’s make informed… Continue Reading

Online Legal Services: Is It Hype or a New Way of Delivering Legal Services?

Posted in DirectLaw Law Firms, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Virtual Law Practice
We have been evaluating the experience of law firms that have subscribed to our DirectLaw Virtual Law Firm Platform to determine what are the factors that make for success. Subscribers to our service are mostly solo practitioners and small law firms who are experimenting with this new mode of delivering legal services online. We want… Continue Reading

60% of UK Survey Respondents Said They Would Buy Legal Advice From National Brands

Posted in Competition, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, UK Legal Reform
YouGov, a research firm based in Great Britain, in a survey of consumer preferences for legal services recently reported that 60% of respondents said they would buy legal advice from brands like Barclays, AA, Co-op and Virgin. The report states that  “Law firms build their business on their reputation not on their brands and, in… Continue Reading

LawPivot: Another Legal Advice Web Site

Posted in Change, eLawyering Ethical Issues, Free Law, Legal Fees, Legal Referral, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, UK Legal Reform, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Virtual Law Firms
Another interesting start-up has emerged out of Silicon Valley to provide crowdsourced legal advice to other start-ups for free. Vertical Q&A web sites seems to be the next new thing among venture capital investors. Even Facebook  rolled out this year a crowd-sourced Q&A service. LawPivot, a legal Q&A web site founded in 2009,  hopes to… Continue Reading

Applications for the James Keane Award for Excellence in eLawyering Are Still Open.

Posted in eLawyering Events, Expert Systems, Unbundled Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms, Web Legal Advisors, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
The eLawyering Task Force of the Law Practice Management Section of the ABA is seeking recommendations and applications for the James Keane Award for Excellence in eLawyering which is awarded annually at ABA Tech Show in Chicago ( April 11-13, 2011). This will be the fourth year that the Award has been made. Previous award… Continue Reading

Will LegalZoom Become the Largest Law Firm in the US?

Posted in eLawyering Ethical Issues, Legal Referral, LegalZoom, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, UK Legal Reform, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Virtual Law Firms
  LegalZoom has been beta testing a concept which links its marketing capabilities to a network of law firms that offer legal services under the LegalZoom brand. With some state bar associations accusing LegalZoom of  the unauthorized practice of law,  it might makes sense for the company to seek deeper alliances with networks of attorneys… Continue Reading

Online Legal Services-A Revolution that Failed?”

Posted in Expert Systems, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
Chrissy Burns, an Australian lawyer produced a PHD thesis in 2007, entitled ‘Online Legal Services-A Revolution that Failed?’, where she argued that Clayton Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation does not apply to online legal knowledge products and that a "latent market" for legal services really doesn’t exist. Ms Burns is presently Director of IT and Knowledge… Continue Reading