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My Experience with LawPivot: An Online Legal Advice Service

Posted in Law Startups, Legal Advice Online, Legal Ethics, Legal Fees, Limited Scope Legal Services, Unauthorized Practice of Law
LawPivot, is a Silicon Valley legal industry start-up,  a new breed of online legal advice Web site that provides legal answers through a network of attorneys. Sometimes the legal advice or legal information is free like AVVO and LAWQA,  and sometimes you pay a fee, which LawPivot and JustAnswer require. See more:  American Bar Association Journal article on LawPivot.… Continue Reading

LawPivot: Another Legal Advice Web Site

Posted in Change, eLawyering Ethical Issues, Free Law, Legal Fees, Legal Referral, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, UK Legal Reform, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Virtual Law Firms
Another interesting start-up has emerged out of Silicon Valley to provide crowdsourced legal advice to other start-ups for free. Vertical Q&A web sites seems to be the next new thing among venture capital investors. Even Facebook  rolled out this year a crowd-sourced Q&A service. LawPivot, a legal Q&A web site founded in 2009,  hopes to… Continue Reading