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UPL and Legal Document Preparation by Non-Lawyer Providers

Posted in LegalZoom, Unauthorized Practice of Law
The ABA Standing Committee on Client Protection just released a survey it conducted on unlicensed practice of law programs ( UPL) in United States jurisdictions in 2011-12. Only 29 jurisdictions responded to the survey.  Twenty-three of the 29 actively enforce UPL regulations, although some jurisdictions indicate that insufficient funding or resources make enforcement challenging. Nine jurisdictions [&hellip… Continue Reading

Legal Forms for the Price of a Song on iTunes?*

Posted in Change, Collaboration Tools, Competition, Document Automation, Law Firm Productivity, Legal Fees, Self-Help Law, Virtual Law Firms, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
Legal forms, without the legal advice or assistance of a lawyer, continue to decline in value. As a pure digital product, a legal form follows the price curve of other digital goods eventually approaching zero.  Several new start-ups in the legal industry will accelerate this trend. Docracy is a new legal document start-up, founded by [&hellip… Continue Reading

Washington State Attorney Zooms in on LegalZoom’s Claims

Posted in Competition, LegalZoom, Marketing On-Line Legal Services
Washington State’s Attorney General has entered into a settlement agreement with LegalZoom , requiring that LegalZoom cease comparing its fees to attorneys’ fees unless the company clearly discloses that its service isn’t a substitute for a law firm. The agreement also prohibits LegalZoom from engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, selling personal information obtained [&hellip… Continue Reading

On-Line Wills: Web Forms Only vs. Lawyer Services

Posted in Document Automation, Expert Systems, Law Firm Productivity, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
Last week the New York Times, in it’s Your Money column,  did an evaluation of non-lawyer legal form sites that offer wills on-line, including products offered by Legal Zoom and Nolo. The author concluded that a lawyer can still be very helpful: "… a computer program can’t ask you about your family relationships or tease [&hellip… Continue Reading

What is LegalZoom?

Posted in Competition, eLawyering Ethical Issues, Unauthorized Practice of Law
LegalZoom is a California-based company that offers on-line paralegal document preparation services on a nationwide basis.  A nationwide advertising program, financed in part by a relatively large capital investment from Polaris Venture Partners,  is now underway in major national media markets with the goal of branding LegalZoom as the leading legal services web site on [&hellip… Continue Reading