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vLawyer and William McNeil have a Credibility Problem

Posted in Virtual Law Practice
In a widely distributed press release to announce his coaching service in virtual lawyering, Attorney and co-founder of vLawyer Consulting, William McNeil makes this statement: vLawyer defines a virtual law practice as a blending of a traditional brick-and-mortar law firm and legal services delivered entirely through the Internet and a secure client portal. The American Bar… Continue Reading

Best Practice Guidelines for Legal Document Service Providers

Posted in Document Automation, eLawyering Ethical Issues, eLawyering Events, Legal Ethics, LegalZoom, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
The American Bar Association’s eLawyering Task Force has compiled a draft set of best practice guidelines for legal document providers, which can be downloaded here*.   An increasingly popular – and controversial – category of service providers are those that supply customer-specific documents over the Internet, using interactive software and/or human resources, without purporting to be engaged in… Continue Reading

Rejoinder: “Is the Virtual Law Model Coming up Short?”

Posted in LegalZoom, Virtual Law Practice
Jay Fleischman in a blog post entitled: “Is the Virtual Law Firm Model Coming up Short?”  states: "The ABA elawyering Task Force tells us that, “[t]o be successful in the coming era, lawyers will need to know how to practice over the Web, manage client relationships in cyberspace, and ethically offer “unbundled” services.” Bull—t. Jay… Continue Reading

Venture Capital Flowing Into Legal Enterprises: Total Attorneys Receives Infusion of Capital

Posted in Competition, Law Firm Productivity, LegalZoom, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Outsourcing, Venture Capital, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
Private capital is beginning to flow into companies that are operating at the intersection of the delivery of legal services and the Internet. Total Attorneys, a Chicago-based company,  just announced that they received a multimillion dollar investment from BIA Digital Partners, a Virginia-based venture capital firm. Total Attorneys is most known for the marketing services… Continue Reading

2010 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report on E-Lawyering: Questionable Data

Posted in Change, Collaboration Tools, Document Automation, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
Volume IV of the recently released 2010 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report is devoted to Web and Communication Technology. A section on E-Lawyering reports that 14% of Respondents over all, and 19% of solo practitioners, report that they have a virtual law office or virtual law practice. This question in the survey that deals with… Continue Reading