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Does JustAnswer.com Provide Legal Advice Online? Is this Site Ethically Compliant?

Posted in Legal Advice Online, Legal Ethics, Legal Referral
Just Answer is a question and answer platform that provides answers to users questions for a flat fee of approximately $30.00 per question. It turns out that one of the fastest growing categories within JustAnswer is the answering of legal questions by lawyers.   Here are other the JustAnswer terms and conditions that apply to… Continue Reading

Law Firms and Cloud Computing: Ethics Guidelines

Posted in Cloud Computing, Competition, Legal Ethics, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
State bar associations are starting to address the issue of law firms storing confidential client information in the cloud and are rolling out ethics opinions to guide law firm conduct. You can find a list of these opinions here on the American Bar Association web site. The basic standard that is emerging is that the… Continue Reading

UPL and Legal Document Preparation by Non-Lawyer Providers

Posted in LegalZoom, Unauthorized Practice of Law
The ABA Standing Committee on Client Protection just released a survey it conducted on unlicensed practice of law programs ( UPL) in United States jurisdictions in 2011-12. Only 29 jurisdictions responded to the survey.  Twenty-three of the 29 actively enforce UPL regulations, although some jurisdictions indicate that insufficient funding or resources make enforcement challenging. Nine jurisdictions… Continue Reading

LegalZoom: The “Good Enough” Legal Solution

Posted in Document Automation, Legal Plans, LegalZoom, Limited Scope Legal Services, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Unbundled Legal Services, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
LegalZoom, the leading online provider of legal services to consumers and small business, as predicted here previously, finally filed for an IPO last week. The company is seeking to raise $120 million to expand their services both in the US and internationally. LegalZoom’s data in the S-1 filing is now available for everyone to analyze:… Continue Reading

North Carolina Bar Regulates Legal Cloud Computing

Posted in Cloud Computing, Competition
A  proposed Ethics Opinion of the North Carolina Bar  that provides guidelines for attorneys using cloud computing services, commonly known as SaaS (Software as a Service),  contains language that is troubling because of its potential impact on solos and small law firm practitioners who are creating virtual law practices. The Bar is soliciting comments prior… Continue Reading

The Online Bar Association Meets 04/29-05/01 in Coral Gables, Fl

Posted in eLawyering Events, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
A new international bar association was formed last year, based in Miami, Florida, called the Online Bar Association. It is an eclectic group of attorneys some based in the United States and many based internationally, who have come together around a common interest – the online delivery of legal services. The first inaugural meeting is… Continue Reading