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Future of Legal Education

Posted in Training and Education
Last week I was privileged to attend a Conference on the Future of Education, sponsored by New York Law School and Harvard Law School. This conference was the third in a series on this subject. The purpose of this conference is to initiate a conversation among and between law schools on how to make legal… Continue Reading

Online Legal Services: Is It Hype or a New Way of Delivering Legal Services?

Posted in DirectLaw Law Firms, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Virtual Law Practice
We have been evaluating the experience of law firms that have subscribed to our DirectLaw Virtual Law Firm Platform to determine what are the factors that make for success. Subscribers to our service are mostly solo practitioners and small law firms who are experimenting with this new mode of delivering legal services online. We want… Continue Reading

ABA Teleconference on the Virtual Law Firm

Posted in eLawyering Ethical Issues, eLawyering Events, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
The Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association is sponsoring a Teleconference on the The Virtual Law Firm: Benefits, Costs, and Ethical Pitfalls to Avoid, on Thursday, December 17, 2009 between 1:00 P.M. and 2:30 P.M. The program is a Live Audio Webcast with PowerPoint support. I am participating in the program, together… Continue Reading

Pfau and Associates Opens Virtual Law Practice in Nevada

Posted in Unbundled Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
  We are pleased to announce the launch of the law firm of Pfau and Associates that will provide online Estate Planning services to Nevada residents. This is the first DirectLaw law firm in the State of Nevada. Pfau and Associates concentrates solely on the areas of estate planning and probate to ensure the highest… Continue Reading

Best Practices for Virtual Law Firms

Posted in eLawyering Ethical Issues, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Standards and Best Practices, Virtual Law Practice
The eLawyering Task Force of the Law Practice Management Section of the ABA, had its monthly telephone call on Friday. One of the action items is a renewed interest and commitment to produce a set of best practice guidelines for law firms that want to deliver legal services online. These guidelines would complement the Best Practice… Continue Reading

The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services

Posted in Change, Competition, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms, Web Legal Advisors
 Richard Susskind‘s new book, The End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services was just published by Oxford University Press, in the United Kingdom. I received a copy from my associates in London today, and US distribution should begin within 10 days.  For law firms thinking about the future of the legal profession, this book… Continue Reading