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My Experience with LawPivot: An Online Legal Advice Service

Posted in Law Startups, Legal Advice Online, Legal Ethics, Legal Fees, Limited Scope Legal Services, Unauthorized Practice of Law
LawPivot, is a Silicon Valley legal industry start-up,  a new breed of online legal advice Web site that provides legal answers through a network of attorneys. Sometimes the legal advice or legal information is free like AVVO and LAWQA,  and sometimes you pay a fee, which LawPivot and JustAnswer require. See more:  American Bar Association Journal article on LawPivot.… Continue Reading

More Transparency to Lawyer’s Fees by AttorneyFee.com

Posted in Legal Fees, Marketing On-Line Legal Services
AttorneyFee.com is partnering with FindtheBest.com to increase transparency of lawyer’s legal fees. FindTheBest is launching a lawyers comparison engine, on May 4, 2012, which allows consumers to find, narrow and compare thousands of US-based attorneys by name, education, specialty, bar admission information, pricing, contextual charts and contact information. The combination of transparent data from AttorneyFee,… Continue Reading

Legal Forms for the Price of a Song on iTunes?*

Posted in Change, Collaboration Tools, Competition, Document Automation, Law Firm Productivity, Legal Fees, Self-Help Law, Virtual Law Firms, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
Legal forms, without the legal advice or assistance of a lawyer, continue to decline in value. As a pure digital product, a legal form follows the price curve of other digital goods eventually approaching zero.  Several new start-ups in the legal industry will accelerate this trend. Docracy is a new legal document start-up, founded by… Continue Reading

Another Disruption: AttorneyFee.com

Posted in Change, Legal Fees, LegalZoom, Unbundled Legal Services
The legal profession has witnessed the rise of new players that are disruptive of existing patterns of law practice. First came LegalZoom, AVVO, TotalAttorneys, Rocketlawyer, MyLawyer (our company), and Law Pivot, disrupters that are having an impact on the way legal services are identified and delivered to the broad middle class. Now comes AttorneyFee.com that… Continue Reading

NJ Attorney Advertising Committee Rules that a TotalAttorneys WebSite is Misleading

Posted in eLawyering Ethical Issues, Legal Fees, Legal Referral
The Committee on Attorney Advertising of the New Jersey Court System issued an Advisory Opinion this week that stated that a Total Bankruptcy web site,  published by TotalAttorneys®, a law firm marketing and services organization based in Chicago, is misleading and in violation of the Rule of Professional  Conduct 7.1 (a) .Download Full Opinion .… Continue Reading

LawPivot: Another Legal Advice Web Site

Posted in Change, eLawyering Ethical Issues, Free Law, Legal Fees, Legal Referral, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, UK Legal Reform, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Virtual Law Firms
Another interesting start-up has emerged out of Silicon Valley to provide crowdsourced legal advice to other start-ups for free. Vertical Q&A web sites seems to be the next new thing among venture capital investors. Even Facebook  rolled out this year a crowd-sourced Q&A service. LawPivot, a legal Q&A web site founded in 2009,  hopes to… Continue Reading

Framing the Discussion About Virtual Law Firm Practice

Posted in DirectLaw Law Firms, Law Firm Productivity, Legal Fees, LegalZoom, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
There is a thoughtful discussion going on about the value of adding the capability of offering legal services online to a law firm’s business model that was started by Lee Rosen’s blog post titled, "What the Virtual Office Advocates Aren’t Telling You."  Responses, so far,  include a post by Carolyn Elefant, an astute observer of… Continue Reading

LegalZoom Sued for UPL in Missouri

Posted in Competition, Document Automation, Expert Systems, Law Firm Productivity, Legal Fees, LegalZoom, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Unbundled Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms
It seems like LegalZoom’s practices are finally catching up with it. The company is being sued in Missouri on the grounds of unauthorized practice of law and the plaintiff’s are requesting class certification. To give an example of how popular LegalZoom’s services have become, LegalZoom in its petition for removal to Federal court claims that… Continue Reading

Blue Ocean Strategy and Limited Legal Services

Posted in Change, Competition, Law Firm Productivity, Legal Fees, LegalZoom, Marketing On-Line Legal Services, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Unbundled Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
When we designed the DirectLaw web service we relied on theories developed by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne in their best selling book Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant . Our concept is that a technology platform that enables law firms to offer limited legal services… Continue Reading

The Good Enough Revolution

Posted in Competition, eLawyering Ethical Issues, Legal Fees, Unbundled Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms
The month’s WIRED Magazine, (September 2009) has an interesting article on how the Internet is enabling "Good Enough" solutions, (when cheap and simple is just fine). I have maintained for a long time that often there is a certain amount of overkill when lawyers tackle a problem, when consumers really want a quick and reasonably priced result.… Continue Reading

Louisiana Virtual Law Firm

Posted in Law Firm Productivity, Legal Fees, Unbundled Legal Services, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
 Myrna Arroyo, a solo practitioner in located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who specializes in estate planning, has launched a virtual law firm site that offers wills, living trusts, and other estate planning documents bundled with legal advice for a fixed price. The site is designed to provide an alernative to web sites like LegacyWriter, Do… Continue Reading