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Software Eats the Legal Profession

Posted in Cloud Computing, Competition, Document Automation, Expert Systems, Legal Advice Online, Self-Help Law
Marc Andreessen quipped in 2011: “Software is eating the world”. The legal profession is not immune from this development. Law has a high information component. In a large sense, law is information or as Bill Palin, the young lawyer who won the ABA’s Legal Hackathon at last year’s ABA Annual Meeting, says, Law is Code. We… Continue Reading

Law Firms and Cloud Computing: Ethics Guidelines

Posted in Cloud Computing, Competition, Legal Ethics, Virtual Law Firms, Virtual Law Practice
State bar associations are starting to address the issue of law firms storing confidential client information in the cloud and are rolling out ethics opinions to guide law firm conduct. You can find a list of these opinions here on the American Bar Association web site. The basic standard that is emerging is that the… Continue Reading

Law Startups in La La Land

Posted in Cloud Computing, Law Firm Productivity, Law Startups, Legal Referral, Venture Capital
I was at a panel in San Francisco this week titled: Law + Tech – The Unpopulated Multi-Billion Dollar Industry . By "La La Land" I don’t mean Los Angeles or California, but rather "to be in one’s own world" as defined by the Urban Dictionary.  As I listened to the founders talk, I couldn’t help thinking that… Continue Reading

Legal Cloud Computing Association Publishes Responses to ABA, North Carolina State Bar

Posted in Cloud Computing, eLawyering Ethical Issues, Outsourcing, Standards and Best Practices
The Legal Cloud Computing Association (LCCA) has published responses to proposals issued by the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 and the North Carolina State Bar regarding the use of cloud computing within a law practice. The Legal Cloud Computing Association ("LCCA"), formed in December 2010, is the collective voice of the leading cloud computing software providers… Continue Reading

What Every Lawyer Should Know About Document Automation

Posted in Change, Cloud Computing, Collaboration Tools, Competition, Expert Systems, LegalZoom, Web-Enabled Document Assembly
For years some law firms, but not all, have used some form of document automation in their law offices. Ranging from an MS Word macro to long standing programs such as HotDocs, as well as automated forms distributed by legal publishers such as Willmaker by Nolo, some law offices have incorporated some form of document… Continue Reading

North Carolina Bar Regulates Legal Cloud Computing

Posted in Cloud Computing, Competition
A  proposed Ethics Opinion of the North Carolina Bar  that provides guidelines for attorneys using cloud computing services, commonly known as SaaS (Software as a Service),  contains language that is troubling because of its potential impact on solos and small law firm practitioners who are creating virtual law practices. The Bar is soliciting comments prior… Continue Reading

How safe and secure is your law practice environment?

Posted in Cloud Computing, Outsourcing
A new nonprofit organization has emerged to help lawyers assess the safety and security of their law practice environment. The organization is the International Legal Technology Standards Organization and it recently released a set of standards that law firms can used to evaluate: the law firm’s internal security standards; and help law firm’s make informed… Continue Reading